• 17.03.2021
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    For example, whilst there is effective, safe cycling infrastructure in the city centre, it is focused on interfacing with mainline public transport destinations in Zone 1. We need to extend this and find a way to incorporate everyday cycling into our wider network, so it can become a viable option wherever you live in Greater London. Another advantage that London has is that Transport for London control much of the city’s public transport, where as many others’ are privately operated. This puts us one step ahead and should make it easier to bring it all together. So, the final step is to think about how we can create a platform which allows for bike hire, car parking, all rail services and any other aspect of transport, which would allow for a seamless single-ticket journey. https://www.brompton.com/ Oonagh: Right before the UCAS deadline! My older brother did the same degree. He would come home during holidays excited about the work he was doing, a bag filled with prototypes and show me how to ‘draw like a designer’. It just sounded fun; you’re employed to draw – great! It wasn’t until I got to university that I realised how much work was involved in the degree but more importantly how interesting and varied the subject was. I loved art, maths, and technology at school, and the degree combined them all. The course really allows you to go down any design career path you want, from graphics to mechanical engineering. It gives you the opportunity to try disciplines and to find what is right for you.

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