• 17.07.2021
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    Topping is the process of pruning the growing tip of the main stem of a cannabis plant. This is perhaps the most common HST or high stress training technique applied by both indoor and outdoor growers. Marijuana growing naturally will typically take on a Christmas tree structure; One dominant, main central cola and multiple sets of side branches. All plant parts receiving a share of sunlight at some stage during the day as the sun traverses the sky. https://illinoismarijuanaschool.com/moby-dick-auto-marijuana-seeds/ Height : A general rule is that your marijuana plant will double or triple in size during the flowering stage from the point where you first change over the light schedule to 12/12. Some plants will grow more, some will grow less, but a good rule of thumb is to change your light schedule over to flowering when your plants have reached half of their final desired height. Bending, known as “LST” or “low stress training” can be used to control colas that get too tall. Simply bend too-tall colas down and away from the center of the plant. Some growers will even slightly break or “supercrop” branches to get them to bend at a 90 degree angle. For those growing in a small space, height may be the primary concern. However, there are many techniques available to grow a short, bushy weed plant or basically train your cannabis plant to grow into any shape you want. While the smell of the fresh Snoochie Boochies bud suggested a light and sweet smoke, the actual results were anything but. Snoochie Boochies is straight-up earthy, with a licorice-root flavor that lingers and fills the space you’re smoking in with a honey-sweet aroma that helps to enhance the whole session. This is a strain for people who love the smell of good weed. Kevin tells me his inspiration and guiding suggestion to Mike was one of life’s simple pleasures, “He asked me what profiles I was looking for, he’s like, ‘I can make it taste like stuff,’ and I said ‘All right — breakfast…’ And he went away and came back with Snoochie Boochies and goes, ‘taste the smoke.’ I gave it a smoke, I was like, ‘this tastes like maple! I feel like I’m smoking Canada. He said, ‘You want breakfast man, that’s breakfast.’” https://illinoismarijuanaschool.com/marijuana-seed-bank-united-states/ Just as cannabis plants have been selectively bred for decades to churn out massive quantities of THC, there are now strains that produce sky-high CBD levels with next to no THC. These new strain profiles allow growers to cultivate hemp or CBD-rich cannabis even in countries where it is illegal to grow THC-rich cannabis. It also means that cannabis users seeking CBD without getting high can smoke or vape its flowers in the same format they would THC-rich flowers. Pardon Our Interruption. You can expect to feel overall euphoric and relaxed, but still motivated to consider the world around you. If it weren’t for the sleep-inducing effects of this strain, you would likely feel motivated enough to go for a long walk or even finally go back to lifting weights. https://illinoismarijuanaschool.com/bruce-banner-x-mochalope-marijuana-seeds/

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